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This Man Has to Be Aquaman in Next Superman Film. He Just Has To!

Rumors that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, The Red Road) will play Aquaman in the next Superman film (Batman vs. Superman, coming 2016) have been flying about for several months. The Native Hawaiian actor has been shooting them down at every turn, but if you check his page at the relatively-accurate Internet Movie Database, you’ll see that he is listed, unambiguously, as playing the role of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. (He is merely “rumored” to be in the followup Justice League movie).


Blanket octopus

Tremoctopus is a genus of pelagic cephalopods, containing four species that occupy surface to mid-waters in subtropical and tropical oceans. These magnificent sea creatures have cape-like webs that extend down their longest arms. The ‘blanket’, which can be rolled when not in use, makes them appear much bigger, helping them fend off predators. But these octopuses have an even more amazing defence strategy. They are immune to the sting of the deadly Portuguese man-o-wars, which means they can collect the jellyfish-like creature poisonous tentacles and use them as weapons against would-be attackers.

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